Online Videos and Tutorials - How Visuals Aid Learning

By now you may know that an online education has many advantages over traditional universities. You can keep a full-time job, spend time with your family and enjoy little upset to your normal life, all while earning an invaluable degree. The quality of an online education has been proven to be on par with that of a brick and mortar institution’s. But you might still be worried about how learning online is achieved.
Your education will compare to that of traditional institutions in that you will have seasoned professionals on hand to answer whichever questions you might have, you will engage in group discussions via chat rooms and you will have similar books and study materials. But perhaps the most utilized online learning tool is the video tutorial.


Every student learns differently. There are individuals who are auditory learners and others who are visual learners. It used to be that only visual learners were adequately helped while trying to earn their online degree. Only books and written material accessible by the Internet were available to help students learn. Visual learners were in many ways left in the dust. Online institutions responded to this learning deficit by introducing the video tutorial. Video tutorials created a visual aid for students to follow. These educational videos now include taped lectures, PowerPoint presentations, accompanying visual aids for lessons and clips of professionals working in student’s prospective fields of work.
Video tutorials have revolutionized online learning. Many schools offer lesson plans that are made up of educational videos. Students simply log on, download the appropriate visual media player and lay back in their favorite chair as they watch a video tutorial in the same way they would watch a professor lecture if they attended a traditional university.


When you are choosing an online college to get your degree from, it is a good idea to find out about their video tutorials and online lesson plans. Each institution varies in accessibility to the latest technology. Some might offer educational videos that are very rudimentary and so banal they might be difficult to watch. You will likely be spending a long time watching video tutorials. Make sure your educational experience is enjoyable rather than excruciating. The better technology an online school possesses, the better their video tutorials will be.
Some universities hire creative professionals to design and shoot videos that are not only conducive to learning but also enjoyable to watch. Before choosing your school, look for example video tutorials and if none exist on the website, you might try contacting a customer service representative from the school and ask if they would send you an example over the Internet. Once you have found a quality online school with well-made video tutorials, you can sit back, relax and enjoy learning.